Spain: Money & Costs

Plastic will save you the most hassles. ATMs are abundant and accessible if you need cash, but so are the places that take major credit cards. Two or more cards are handy and a few travellers cheques as a backup are also not a bad idea.
Changing Your Money- Travellers cheques can be cashed at banks and exchange offices, and usually attract a slightly higher exchange rate than cash. These days, even small towns have a cajero automatico (ATM) where you can withdraw euros from credit and debit accounts at what is usually the best rate for non-euro zone visitors.
Money Tips – Spain is one of Europe’s more affordable countries. If you are particularly frugal it’s just about possible to scrape by for around €20.00 a day. This would involve staying in the cheapest possible accommodation, avoiding eating in restaurants or going to museums or bars, and not moving around too much. A more comfortable budget would be €40.00 a day, allowing for a basic hotel room, set meals, public transport and entry to museums. With €120.00 a day you can stay in excellent accommodation, rent a car and eat some of the best food Spain has to offer. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted at hotels and restaurants, especially from the mid-range up, and also for long-distance train tickets.
Be careful carrying your money, whether it’s jingling or plastic, as tourists are a major target of theft – hundreds of thousands of credit cards go missing in Spain every year.
Currency of Spain is Euro.

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