Spiritual Rejuvenation

The homestay destinations are exclusive in terms of peacefulness and serenity. Away from the crowd and with beautiful Himalayan backdrops, these destinations are ideal for meditation practitioners. Meditation camps can also be conducted as these destinations. There aren’t any instructors for meditation or yoga in the village, there are to be endured by the travelling group or individuals, however locations can be suggested and logistics can be arranged.Experience and live with the people of different mountain communities of Sikkim.Travel to the pure and pristine settings of Sikkim, a distinctive rural ecotourism destination. Mesmerized yourself with the untainted lands and traditional lifestyles of the land and its people. Experience a Home stay with a local family. Share with the people their local lifestyles close to nature and culture. Visit ancient Buddhist monasteries; participate in bird watching trails, treks, adventure activities, cultural festivals & natural wonders of Sikkim.

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