Sports Culture in Fiji

Sports culture is unique as different racial mixes and cultures come together in a common interest, Fiji is fanatical about sports and the two most dominant being Rugby and Soccer.

Sports in precolonial Fiji – Sports in old Fiji, apart from recreation, had a practical place helping to train young warriors. One such practice would have the older men bring the male children a severally injured captive of war, letting the boys practicing their archery skills against this living target. Other sports of old Fiji are as follows:

Tiqa or Ulutoa Was a sport which involved an individual throwing from the forefinger a reed three or four feet in length armed with a six inch oval point of heavy wood. This weapon is made to skim along the ground to a distance of a hundred yards or more. In ancient times, many villages had a long level space kept clear of grass nearby for this sport, which was a competition of both accuracy and distance.

Veisaga Was a sport practiced in some parts of Fiji on a large scale. A group of men and women would assemble on a hill top to wrestle. If a man closes with a woman, he will attempt to throw her and on succeeding they both roll together. minor injuries would often occur from this, but they were concealed by the participants as a matter of pride. If pain was shown then intense ridicule would follow.

Veisolo Was rather a rough sport and at times resulted in death. It involved an attack made on a number of visiting males by a woman. The women would wait until the food was brought to the men, and would rush on their guests with the intent to cause them to scatter so they could take the food. Playful retaliation would follow by the men gently throwing the women to the ground. However, this would sometimes get out of hand and there were instances where men were killed.

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