Sports in Ukraine

Sports in Ukraine is one of the popular forms of entertainment and recreation in the country. Ukraine is one of the major nations in Eastern Europe and is a major tourist destination in the country. It is known for its rich tradition and diverse culture. The vibrant atmosphere in the country has led to the emergence of various types of Sports in Ukraine.
Ukraine Sports is very much influenced by other neighboring countries. Being a part of the Soviet Union formerly, the country puts much emphasis on physical education. The capital city of Kiev and various other cities in the country are full of sports arenas, swimming pools, fitness centers, gymnasiums, and plenty of other athletic facilities. There are various outdoor and indoor sports which are popular among local people.
Football is one of the popular Sports in Ukraine. It is played by children and aged alike. There are plenty of football stadiums and parks in various parts of the country. The most popular season to play football is in the summer season when the weather is pleasant with mild temperature. The main professional football league in the country is the Vyscha Liha, popularly known as the Ukrainian Premier League. The national football team is also very well known and made its debut in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
Apart from football, other forms of sports in Ukraine are boxing and ice hockey. Boxing is very popular among local people. The country has produces many heavyweight champions who have won prestigious competitions across the world. An ice hockey league is also played in various parts of the country. There is also a national ice hockey team. Basket ball and cricket are also played in some parts of the country.
One of the main sporting events that was held in the country was the Winter Olympics in the year 1994. Ukraine competed in most events and won gold and silver medals. One of the main stadiums in the country is the Olympic Stadium in the capital city of Kiev. It was a major venue of the winter Olympics.
The rugged terrain in the country offers an ideal scope for adventure sports in Ukraine. Trekking and mountain hiking trips are undertaken in the hills and mountains of the country. Plenty of sports tours in Ukraine are offered by the local tourist board as well as various private travel agencies.

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