StarFresh Agro Park

Star-Fresh Agro Park is a one stop learning natural park. It was opened in 1985, and is now a focal point for eco-tourism activities.

Its size is 12.1 hectares and is situated right by the roadside on the way to Kuala Pilah, from Seremban.

Star-Fresh Agro Park also has 16 different local fruits planted on its land. Visitors can get to taste fruits such as durians, as well as learn the art of tree growing.

For visitors wishing to carry out various activities, there is also a seminar and workshop centre as well as dorm rooms, open hall for meetings and outdoor activities.

There is also a camping and barbeque site for visitors wishing to enjoy the natural environment here.

Key Tips
Visitors can also try out the rappeling activities or join in the green earth program. Consult the park for further information.

How to get there
From Seremban, visitors can use the United/Transnasional bus from the Seremban Bus Stop to dari Perhentian Kuala Pilah or Bahau.

From Kuala Lumpur, visitors can use the bus from Puduraya Bus Terminal or use the KTM Commuter to the Seremban Station before proceeding to the Star-Fresh Agro Park.

From Seremban, go to jalan Ampangan via Paroi Stadium to Kuala Pilah.

From the PLUS Highway, exit at Senawang and go onwards to Taman Tasik Jaya. Then turn towards Kuala Pilah.