Stay Safe During Kyrgyzstan Tour

While the US travel advisory tells foreigners that some attacks on Westerners have occurred, the view of Kyrgyz people on this is varied. Fights and assaults generally focus around nightclubs and bars, just as in any other large city. There is to date no indication that Bishkek is particularly dangerous to foreigners. As for other cities in the KR little evidence is available. Tourists will of course be drawn by Kyrgyzstan’s amazing natural beauty but travel by car through mountain passes and villages is not advisable. Some friction exists between the Kyrgyz people and ethnic Russians and travelers on these lonely passes may be mistaken for Russians and have their cars stoned. Villages are generally safe but are best avoided. Especially avoid driving in a rented car from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan. The border area can be subject to roadblocks where carjackers impersonate security officials. The border zones are somewhat akin to a wild frontier and are best crossed in a tour bus. Even seasoned Kyrgyz travelers approach these areas with extreme caution. On the other hand, lake Issykul is a well developed tourist area as is the nearby Tien Shan mountain range and these may be approached on standard byways with little threat of carjacking or rock attack or ambush.