The town of Steccato lies in the Crotone province of Calabria in Southern Italy. Steccato is a small town typical of the Calabrian region of Italy and located on the coast of the Ionian sea in the Capo Rizzuto national park and as such forms part or the protected marine area for the region providing the area with rich and diverse sea life.

Steccato makes an excellent base to visit the Sila mountains. A beautiful area of Calabria which is also a national park and full of flora, fauna and spectacular views of the lakes and mountains. 25km from Steccato can be found the archaeological site of Capo Colonna. A site from the Magna Grecia aga. The most famous part of which is the column from the famous temple dedicated to the goddess Hera Lacinia.

Because Steccato is not well known to tourists outside of Italy, its visitors have the chance to explore a region of Italy not affected by overseas tourism and gives them the opportunity to experience the real Italy and mingle with the Italian people.

When visiting Steccato, or southern Italy in general it is a good idea to bring a phrase book as English is not widely spoken in most southern Italian towns. However you will find people to be very helpful and patient and should experience little problem visiting the area as a tourist.

When visiting Steccato it is worth taking European adapters as it is not possible to buy them in the town itself. It is also worth mentioning that not many of the cafe’s and restaurants accept credit cards. Therefore it is a good idea to bring cash with you.

Steccato is in easy reach of both Naples and Lamezia Terme airports. Lamezia terme being the closest. When travelling from the United Kingdom Ryanair run cheap flights from Stanstead to Lamezia a few days a week. For visitors from within Italy the town is also accessible by the SS106 Roadway that connects the town to both Crotone and Cantanzaro.

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