Ston-Peninsula Peljesac is situated on the peninsula Peljesac in South Dalmatia. Driving along the Coast road named Magistrala after you have passed coast territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you turn toward signs to Orebic and the ferry and to the birthplace of Marco Polo, Korcula. The town of Ston is the center of the Ston municipality.


Fantastic view over the shellsfarm in the beginning of the long Peljesac bay. After you taste the fresh Austershells in the first villaga, continue 5 km to reach Mali Ston and turn to the right in the town, further to the wall and then to the right and follow the way around the tower on the beach and after 100m stop on the parking place in front of the main tower.

Mali Ston is surrounded by city wall with ston with the longest intact fortress wall in the world-after the Great Wall of China.

If you have time, walk along the wall up the hill in the main part of Ston. When you reach the top you will get a fantastic view of Ston with the fortress and Salinas- salt fields – and also many century old what made these people and people from for ever Free republic of Dubrovnik.