Stratford upon Avon

Shakespeare, Shakespeare and more Shakespeare. Thats whats on offer in Stratford-Upon-Avon, a delightful town, that despite the number of visitors each year is able to maintain its ye olde English style and charm.

Shakespeare could not have chosen a nicer place to have lived and died in.

Stratford itself is a small town that can be toured in a day and evening (incorporating a trip to the theatre of course). Those with more time should consider a day, a night and the morning after, leaving once a matinee performance at one of the towns three theatres has finished.

Endowed with stores usually associated with larger places there is a lot of money here. All the big chains have stores and cater the inevitable onslaught of North American tourists in high season.

High season will have you sharing these Tudors houses with up to two hundred or more visitors. Off season, deep in the recesses of winter these places are almost devoid of people.

Wander through the houses of Shakespeare and those of his various family members. Guides have time to talk and have time for you. The warmth inside of these places makes for a welcome change from chilly conditions outside.

Another house of note is that of John Harvards mother. Owned by the university in the United States, it is currently a museum about British pewter.

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