The city of Strumica is situated in the Strumica Valley in southeastern Macedonia. The Strumcia valley stretches over an area of 259 square meters and lies at 239 meters above the sea level. Strumica is the biggest settlement in the valley, which is also the home of 72 villages. According to the census of 1991, the population of Strumcia is 34,424, while the population of the whole community of Strumica and the 72 villages amounts to 94,520 inhabitants.
Strumica and the Strumica Valley enjoy a temperate Mediteranean climate, especially along the Strumica River valley. The characteristic warm and dry summers and cold and wet winters result in temperatures that can reach up to and over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer and drop as low as -20 degrees Celsius in the winter. The average annual temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius.

Due to its unique Mediteranean climate, the Strumica Valley is the largest producer of early market garden produce in Macedonia. Other agricultural products include poppy, cotton, tobacco, sesame, peanuts, and anasaon, a rare culture used to produce the famous Macedonian Mastika, which is also made in Strumica. Apart from agriculture, Strumica is also known for its textile and the non-metals and ceramics industries.