The small village of Stucken lies about half an hour’s drive south west of Berlin in the Nuthe-Nieplitz nature reserve. Stucken is popular with weekender’s and day trippers from Berlin, most of whom like to wander or ride their bikes or horses along the various forest and farmland paths in the area, before settling down to a relaxing lunch and a beer at the local Kneipe.


The countryside surrounding Stucken is rolling and very pleasant. Most of the farmland in the area was formerly collectivized during the GDR, and so there are very few fences to obstruct the path or the view. The Nuthe-Nieplitz nature reserve is home to many species of birds and animals, such as storks, cranes, ducks, deer and wild pigs. The area features several lakes, with the most popular being the Seddiner See (where one can bathe in the nude of one so wishes) and the Blankensee, which is a protected reserve.


By car from Berlin take the A115 to Drieck Nuthetal, then head towards Magdeburg/Leipzig on the A10. Get off the Autobahn at the Michendorf exit, then turn right towards Luckenwalde. Follow the road for approximately 9 kilometers, watching out for deer wandering on the road. By train from Berlin take the RE 7 to Michendorf, then catch the local bus or ride a bike for 10 kilometers. There is a nice safe cycle lane most of the way.

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