Subiaco is some 70 km east of Rome. It’s been a favourite getaway for more than two millennium now. Nero came here after setting fire to the eternal city and built himself a nice villa. St. Benedict came here to repent and built himself a monastery close to the ruins of Nero’s villa.

You may come here just to relax a bit after the hustle and bustle of Rome. The main attractions in town are the churches of San Francesco, the Borgia’s Fortress on the top of the Rocca Abbaziale, the highest point of the old medieval town and the Convento di Santa Scolastica just outside of the city. If you go up the hill from the Convento you finally reach the Sacro Specco a complex built around St. Benedicts favorite grotto. It’s a spectacular sight on a cliff with some good medieval frescoes.

You’ll notice that Nero’s Villa is missing from the list. But the columns and the marble of his palace are scattered over all the other sights.

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