Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

On top of a hill in downtown Johor Bahru, overlooking the Straits of Johor and neighbouring Singapore, stands the magnificent Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, one of the most beautiful old mosques in Malaysia.

The construction of the mosque marked the start of the Johor’s modernisation process in 1892, which was commissioned by the Father of Modern Johor, Sultan Abu Bakar. It took eight years to build and was completed in 1900. The mosque can accommodate 2000 worshippers

The mosque is a mix of architectural styles, but principally Victorian! It is said that the minarets look like British watch towers.

Key Tips
You are welcome to visit the mosque and even walk around its grounds, but visitors are asked to dress modestly. Also, you should try to avoid visiting on Fridays as this it is busy with worshippers on this day.

How to get there
By Foot or Taxi
The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque lies in the centre of Johor Bahru, it is on Jalan Sri Blukar (off Jalan Ibrahim).

Accommodation Overview
Johor Bahru offers a full range of accommodation, from basic backpacker’s hostels to 5-star hotels.


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