Surfing in Dubai

Surfing in Dubai is basically of three types. Sand surfing and sea surfing are the popular sports while snow surfing in Dubai is less popular. For surfers therefore a visit to Dubai is delightful indeed. Not only can they skillfully ride over the waves but also administer skills of gliding across the dunes. Surfing in Dubai is synonymous with uninterrupted excitement and fun.
Sea surfing in Dubai – The area most popular for sea surfing is the Jumeirah Beach local. Of course there are other beaches that border the Arabian Gulf, that are used for surfing purposes. Some of them are Moscow beach, Mamzar Park and Sunset Beach. The waves in the Arabian Gulf region are not very high but they are high enough for surfing purposes. Usually the height of a wave goes up to 5ft but it may be less too. Most of these high waves are caused by the winds blowing in from the North Western direction. Sometimes a sudden storm or a big shamal helps generate higher waves that go upto 6ft or 8 ft.
The months between May and October are usually flat months. This implies that the North West wind does not blow during this period and therefore there are hardly any waves. The ideal kind of surfing board that the surfers should use for surfing in the sea at Dubai are the mals or the long boards. Some of the Malls where the surfers can buy their gear are the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall and Jumeirah Plaza. Surf boards can also be hired. There are plenty of eateries in the beaches where surfing takes place.
Sand surfing in Dubai – Dubai is a desert region and with the passage of time sand surfing or dune surfing in Dubai has become a very popular sport. The soft sands in Dubai helps the surfers use snowboards for their surfing purposes. Though the movement is not as fast as that on the sea or the snow surface, dune surfing in Dubai is indeed thrilling. A surfer needs great expertise to surf a dune completely without falling off balance. With the increase in the number of sand surfers plenty of locations have been set up for the purpose. The Big Red dune is really steep and tallest among all the dunes meant for surfing. Dune surfing or sand surfing is indeed an exciting adventure tour in Dubai.

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