Surfing in Goa

Wind surfing is a very popular sport of Goa and must be tried when you visit this place. A unique combination of sailing and surfing, wind surfing sport is a sport that is sure to set your pulses racing. It can indeed be an elating experience for a person who has learnt the perfect nuances of this water sport. Goa offers the ideal place to try out wind surfing. It will not only let you taste some thrill but also make your vacation a truly memorable one.

Wind surfing requires a clear sense of synchronization and balance. You must be able to change your position on the surf while holding on to the sail and balancing yourself on the waves while synchronizing to the changing pattern of the breeze. The best time to try out this sport is during early morning. The winds are relaxed and the sea is calmer early morning and thus is considered the best time for beginners. The afternoon and evenings are the best time for experts as the winds are much stronger then.

In Goa, the Dona Paula beach is considered the best choice to try out wind surfing sport. This is because the bay here is calm and it is better to learn the sport here before heading out in the ocean. The best months to try out this sport are October to April. These are the months that have perfect weather conditions, ideal to indulge in water sports. The breeze is just right, the temperature of the water is just perfect and the ocean currents are not too strong. So get set to feel the wind lashing across your face as you set out for wind surfing in Goa.

The hot spots for surfing in blue waters in Goa are- Patnem Beach, Agonda Beach, Calangute Beach, Colva Beach, Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Baga Beach, Palolem Beach, Dona Puala Beach, Miramar Beach and Bogmalo Beach. The waves can be a little tough and surfing is definitely not for the light-hearted. Best to avoid the months of April to June and again September to December as the sea tends to be especially rough around this time of year.

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