Surfing in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal is an important Adventure Sports in Portugal. Surrounded by waters on two sides, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean sharing the long coastlines are prefect for surfing and sailing. Mild climate and varieties of waves makes Surfing in Portugal easy and very enjoying.

One of the major destinations in Europe, Portugal is a world famous surfer’s paradise. Besides great sightseeing attractions, the country also boasts of some of the great adventure sport destination. Tourists from all around the world are drawn towards the country, which offers varieties of sporting holidays. Surfing holidays is very famous in the country.
The mild climate of the country is appropriate for surfing. The country experiences 2 climatic zones. The country has different varieties of waves that swell in every size attracting surfers of every skill. Different sections of the country have low waves making it also the ground for mastering the correct method of surfing.

Before planning for a surfing holiday in the country, tourists should know the destinations that have waves suitable for them. For the expert surfers, winter months really bring challenging waves with the highest reaching more than 15 feet or more. Summer months waves are low rising with just 3 to 5 feet making it ideal conditions for the new learners.
Some of the best places in the country ideal for surfing are the region around the Peniche peninsula. The place has prefect weather conditions for surfing. Another popular destination for surfing is the Algarve peninsula. This place offer tourists with wonderful surfing conditions in a gorgeous background of bays and cliffs.

This place is filled with tourists all round the year for the excellent conditions of surfing. The water temperatures are mild and the waves are of moderate height. The famous waves in Portugal that are known as surfing waves are Supertubos, Pedra Blanca and Coxos. Surfing in Portugal provides experience of great experience all round the year. Traveling to any part of the Portugal is trouble free. However, the surfers should follow safety tips.