Surfing in Samoa

Surfing in Samoa is year round. the islands of Samoa have some world class spots for surfing on reefs which are difficult to access. At the turn of 21st century, Samoa has still remained obscured with the indigenous people clinging to their traditional lifestyles. The place has remained unsurfed and one can experience some incredible surfing experience.
One of the popular place for Surfing in Samoa is the Upolu island. Another one is Savaii. Savaii has surfing on 3 sides. The south, east and north. Inthe Upolu, the swells are consistent and come from the southern ocean. These swells intensify and explore on the island’s rugged south shore. The largest swells can be seen from late March to November at the time of Austral fall, winter and the spring months. Eventhe off-seasons or the Austral summertime from December to March in the south shore of Upolu sees many good swells.
The south swells arrive from a broad SW to SE direction and it lasts for 5-7 days. These swells pass from the Tasman sea at southeast of Australia, then under New Zealand , and finally intensifying to the East of New Zealand. The breaks work best on the high rides, but the boulders are a low tide break on swells of around 8 ft high.
The cylones which passes to the south of Smaoa at the time of cyclone season of December-March happens occasionally provide some swells each season. But the SW Pacific Cyclone season is bit erratic. Some seasons ar virtual non-event having only 1 or 2 storms which affect Samoa. Ther are some season once every 5-15 years which is a real mind blowing season. There could be dozen storms and also as many swells.
The Upolu north coast receives some swells in the summertime froma northerly direction.These swell peaks at the time of N. Pacific winter monts of December-March. If a swell of 8-12 ft comes and hits the Hawaiian islands, then a smaller 4-6 ft follows suit. The north coast surfing are more challenging than that of the south coast.
The water temperature throughout the year is warm, with the average temperature being 80-87 degrees.

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