Surfing in Senegal The Great Entertainment

Senegal is a surfer’s paradise come true. The Almadies Peninsula, just outside Dakar has the largest swell window of the Senegal coastline this means that swells can appear from the South East all the way round to direct North which is an incredible surf window.

Accommodation is within a short distance of a number of world class surf beaches and surf spots. Just think about it, one side could be onshore and the other offshore and you just walk to the next spot… it’s as simple as that and we think this makes Senegal an amazing surf destination.

The surf in Senegal breaks crisp, fast and with lots of power but are relatively easy to get into and of course lots of barrel either left or right depending on your break, and there are so many breaks to choose from.

The weather in Senegal is dry most of the time, except in July to September when the odd shower passes through. The water temp drops down to 18C in January but rises to 28C in September and October and the average surf height is 4ft and it’s the most consistent destination we travel to.