Surfing in Taiwan

If you want to get engulfed in the waves then there is not better way than to go for a surfing in Taiwan because the island nation has loads to offer when it comes to surfing. The geographical land mass has extensive coastline along with more than hundred islets which offers immense opportunity to surf in the cool blue waters.
The waves are also of colossal nature and this goes a long way to add to the fun of surfing.
The places where you can enjoy surfing includes include Honeymoon Bay and Fulong on the Northeast Coast, Jichi and Shanyuan on the East Coast, Nanwan in Kenting and Guanyinting on Penghu.
In certain places you can surf throughout the year while on others there are some fixed seasons in the year where you can enjoy the sun, sand and the waves.
Surfing is another exciting adventure sport which the island of Taiwan boasts of along with adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkeling.
Though scuba diving and snorkeling is mainly for the sights and sounds of the flora and the fauna surfing is mainly for the fun and danger that is associated with the waves that reach great heights one moment and come crashing down on the next.
However if people are attracted by such aqua tricks then one should try surfing in Taiwan.

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