Sutjeska National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sutjeska is Bosnia’s national park founded in 1965. It covers the area of 173 km2 of mostly untouched wilderness.

Sutjeska National Park is located at the Eastern part of Bosnia, close to Montenegro border. Sutjeska initially became National Park due to historical battle from WW2 – the large stone monuments commemorating the event is still there, at Tjentiste location.

Sutjeska Sights –
* Perucica Forest : which has a huge beech trees and endemic black pines.
* Skakavac waterfall : is 75 metre waterfall.
* River Sutjeska : flows in the middle of the Park and divides Zelengora Mountain from Maglic and Volujak – other two montains in the Park.
* Maglic Mountain: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highest peak (2386m), located in the park, at the border with Montenegro – a challenging climb for even experienced hikers.
* Zelengora Mountain: great for hiking and walking. Has several mountain huts sutable for accommodaiton.
* Tjentiste Monument : Large stone monument commemorating the Battle of Sutjeska.

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