Suwon and Korean Folk Village

The Korean Folk Village and Suwon were my last day’s activity in Seoul. I took the subway all the way from downtown Seoul to Suwon, which took around 1 hour and ten minutes. After getting out of the subway station, it took me a while to find the tourist office where I could find the ticket office and the shuttle location for the Korean Folk village, This was one instance where I found the language barrier to be a problem. The Korean Folk Village was a charming collection of traditional Korean houses – farm houses, Yangban (Korean Aristocrats) houses in a rural tranquil setting. There were many performances that were not to be missed. No wonder many Korean TV shows used this village as the setting for period shows. After the visit to the village, I rushed to the world heritage Suwon Fortress and did a two hour walk of the fortress. For some reasons the knee pain that bothered me for two days gradually disappeared when I was walking around the Fortress! The Fortress had impressive Korean style pavilions and gates, plus a good view of the modern city of Suwon. It was really worth a visit from Seoul.