Swains Island

Swains Island is an atoll in the Tokelau chain, the most northwesterly island administered by American Samoa. Culturally a part of the Tokelau Islands, politically it is an unorganized territory of the United States of America. Swains Island has also been known at various times as Olosenga Island, Olohega Island, Quiros Island, Gente Hermosa Island, and Jennings Island.

Swains Island has a total area of 1.865 km, of which 1.508 km (151 ha) is land. The central lagoon accounts for the balance of 0.358 km. There is a small islet of 764 m in the eastern part of the lagoon.

The atoll is somewhat unusual, featuring an unbroken circle of land enclosing a freshwater lagoon cut off from the sea.