Swindon really does not have anything out of the ordinary for any tourist other than the relief you feel when leaving. So it has a railway museum…must be a great town then. Any place whose main tourist attraction is a museum centred around a bygone rail era is showing how little it really has to offer. Want to visit a French, Lebanese or greek restaurant for a sit down after a trip to Swindon’s premier attraction ! Sorry, the Swindonian culture precludes any culinary delights that do not include Italian or Indian cuisine. You’ll have to go to Bath or Bristol for that. Swindon has grown immensely in recent times. Sadly this has only resulted in congested roads and substandard shopping facilities. You’ll also find the town has no architecture of note, unless you consider the link centre or the Renault building (as featured in a James Bond flick) the pinnacle of architectural achievements. The night life in Swindon is great if you are into the pubs with music pumping. It’s like a flashback to summer holiday in Spain or Greece, without the lovely weather and quaint sea surroundings. It’s not all negative. The Cotswolds are mighty fine and the countryside around Swindon is very relaxing. All around are small villages complete with duck ponds and country pub serving simple meals. In summary, if you love Indian and Italian cuisine, no architecture, poor shopping and a one dimensional night life, Swindon is perfect. Me, I would rather go to Bath, Bristol or Oxford, all within one hour away. Just take a look at the picture. Yes, that is Swindon. Welcome.

Whilst the above is largely factually correct, it is quite one-sided. As for museums, Swindon has the best collection of modern British art outside London. It has an Arts Centre, a thriving film society and several music venues to just name a few centres of ‘excellence’. As with many places it takes more than an afternoon to explore them.