Switzerland Tourist Attractions

The tourists have always been attracted to Switzerland because of its scenic beauty. It is also known as the paradise for nature lovers. The natural beauty of Switzerland has inspired many poets. All the cities of Switzerland are set around a mountain or lake and that has given them a natural charm.
Switzerland Tourist Attractions belong to the various genuses. While on one hand it consists of the natural attractions, it on the other hand flaunts age-old history and heritage attractions too!
A splendid rail tour to the Alps offers a great view of the beautiful Alpine mountains and that greatly attracts the tourists. Another most pictorial place in Switzerland is the Bernese Oberland. The Thun Lake is one of the most popular picnic spots while the Jungfraujoch gives great views of the surrounding green valleys and the fortress.
The Engadin Region is another Switzerland tourist attraction that offers great natural views. Tourists can enjoy refreshing light mountain breeze and warm sunshine here. It offers a great calming effect to watch the blue lakes surrounded by tall fir trees.
Another tourist site in Switzerland is the Valais Region that is famous for hot springs and ice caravans. There is a scenic rail journey featured here too that attracts tourists from all over the world. En route, tourists can watch peasants working in the lush meadows of the Valais region.
The Mediterranean charms of the vineyards, one of the popular features of Switzerland tourist attractions, can be experienced in the Ticino district. The lake cruise of Switzerland is also very famous and the lakes Maguire and Lugarno are ideal for this. Another favorite tourist attraction is the Mount Blanc where tourists can take cable car rides and enjoy the views of the Alps and other scenic beauty.
There are many scenic destinations, adventure sports, tourist resorts and castles to explore. The towering mountains, the scenic rail journey, Lake cruises and winter sports all are major tourist attractions in Switzerland.
Tourists can undertake tours of the heritage buildings and visit museums, parks and gardens. There is a mystery park in Interlaken where the multimedia experts display amazing natural phenomena. You can also enjoy shopping another popular attraction of the country.