T’ai-chung-hsien lies to the west of central Taiwan. It is bordered by the hsiens of Miao-li in the north, I-lan and Hua-lien in the east, and Chang-hua and Nan-t’ou to the south. The Taiwan Strait lies to the west of the T’ai-chung-hsien.


Natural Science Museum – Natural Science Museum is located in the Taichung City. The Museum was inaugurated with fan fare in 1986. Other exhibition halls of stage I, II, III and IV were completed later. Today, the museum has four multi-media theaters for different subjects. These include Space Theater, Bird view Theater, Three-dimensional Theater and Environment Theater. The main exhibition halls for four different subjects are Science Center, Life Science Hall, Earth Environment Hall and China Science Hall. These apart there is a park encompassing the greenhouse for tropical rainforest and an outdoor exhibition of the growing of low-altitude plants in Taiwan. Natural Science Museum is the largest recreational and educational center in the country.

Tong Hai University – This famous university has the most attractive campus in Taiwan. The buildings in the campus have been modeled along the lines of the architectural style of the Tang dynasty. The hallmark of Tunghai University is the church designed by I.M. Pei.

This place in Taiwan is also renowned for its night life. There are several clubs and bars.

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