T’ai-nan is one of the charming cities of Taiwan, with modern means of transportation and lovely hotels to stay in. People in large numbers visit T’ai-nan for its sightseeing attractions and natural wonders.

T’ai-nan city is the fourth largest city in Taiwan after Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Taichung. It serves as the officially administrated provincial city of Taiwan Province in the Republic of China. It was the capital of Taiwan in 17th century and remain upto mid of 19th century. In fact, Taiwan is the old name of Tainan, which later became the island.


Tourist Attractions in T’ai-nan are many and diverse. The city is famous for its abundant historical buildings and delicious snack food.

Among the Tourist Attractions in T’ai-nan, tourists can travel to see the remains of the Northern and Southern gates of the old city, and countless other historical monuments that lie scattered throughout the city.

Among the top-most Tourist Destinations in Taiwan, T’ai-nan is well-known for its sports activities. The T’ai-nan Municipal Baseball Stadium is the main ground where many playing events take place. T’ai-nan is also the birthplace of Chien-Ming Wang, Hong-Chih Kuo, Taigen kaku, En-Yu Lin and many other outstanding Taiwanese baseball players.

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