Taitung is a county in Eastern Taiwan. Taitung is one of the few places in Taiwan which remains by and large untouched by large scale changes brought about in the entire island in the name of development.


The Taitung County includes the 2 major islands namely the Green Island and Orchid Island. Taitung city is the capital of Taitung County. The green Island is a very beautiful part of Taitung County. It features one of the world’s few saltwater hot springs. Here one can see plenty of scenic tropical vegetation and coral seashores. One can also visit the number of current and former prison complexes. A rented scooter is useful for getting around the island.

The best place to visit here is the National Museum of pre-history. In the 1980s and 1990s, a team of archaeologists from National Taiwan University excavated over 1500 stone coffins and more than 20,000 stone and pottery artifacts in this place. These belong to the Peinan culture. The museum located a few kilometers from the actual archaeological site is dedicated to this discovery.


Taitung can be accessed by train on the main East Coast express route. The journey from Taipei takes about seven and a half hours. Taitung is also serviced by a local airport. It is linked by regular flights from Taipei and Kaohsiung.

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