Taiwan Things To Know

The two major political parties that are in action in Taiwan are the Pan-Blue Coalition and the Pan- Green Coalition. The supporters of the Pan- Blue Coalition try to get reunified with China and hence lead a peaceful life. But the Pan-Green supporters follow the path of getting an independent Republic of Taiwan. It is better for the tourists’ not to comment anything on the political issues of Taiwan.
The press of Taiwan is quite liberal and free to its citizens. There are three newspapers in Taiwan that are published in English. They are The China Post, Taiwan News and the Taipei Time. Free magazines of Lifestyle and Taiphoon are also published.
Internet cafes are available in abundant here and but finding out one might take a good search for the commoners. In a better way, the internet cafes may be called gaming cafes in Taiwan. Internet access or playing games, whatever you are interested in, will take a cheap sum of NT$20. Certain machines in the cafes are operated by coins.
The emergency phone numbers of Police is 110 and that of the Fire and Ambulance is 119.
The transport system of Taiwan is well developed with an extensive road transport system along with railways, rapid transit system, airways and harbors. Buses and taxis are available as well as the hired cars which makes journey convenient for the travelers. Trains are available for long distance and short distance and the airports also remain busy always.
Taiwan is considered to be safe for tourists’ and there are no risks even for the women outside at night. Although sometimes there are cases of pick pocketing in crowded places. Drunken people are rarely seen in the roads be it day or night and the people must be aware while traveling in taxis at late nights.
Hotels, restaurants and shopping paradises are also available attracting people in a huge amount. It is a good experience to know Taiwan and even better is to spend some time in the heart of this beautiful island.

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