Taiwan Tourist Attractions

An island of redoubtable beauty in East Asia, Taiwan has long history of colonization which has left deep and enduring impressions on its landscape. Subsequent occupation by the Imperial Chinese, the Japanese, the Dutch and the Spanish meant that Taiwan’s architecture swept along with the flow of power. The regime changes impinged largely on Taiwan’s culture as well. Taiwan is presently administered by People’s Republic of China.
Apart from the richness of its architecture in the form of temples, palaces and historic buildings, Taiwan’s wealth as a tourist destination encompasses national parks, delectable cuisines, shopping places and numerous sight seeing places. Taiwan appears magnanimous in its wealth, welcoming one and all to come and partake of its wealth packaged in the form of glittering memories.
One of the most visited places in Taiwan is undoubtedly National Palace Museum. The Museum is both an art gallery and a museum. National Palace Museum is believed to house the largest number of Chinese artifacts in the world.
The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall also commands a lot of attention from the tourists in Taiwan. The Memorial Hall was built soon after the death of Chiang Kai-shek. The architecture of the Memorial is solemn yet grand- a true tribute to a great leader.

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