Taiwan Transportation

The system of transportation in Taiwan is well developed and provides unbound service to the people from time immemorial. The roads, railways along with the important ports are major means of transport in Taiwan.
Road Transport
Buses are one of the important means of road transport system in Taiwan. Local buses as well as the long route buses are at service and there are certain bus corporations that require you to reserve your tickets 14 days ago. Hired cars and 6taxis are also available.
The Highways in Taiwan are divided into national Highways, County routes, township routes and Provincial Highways. These are considered as the freeways and the travelers are warned not to hire any of the unlicensed vehicles on the highway.
Railway Transport – The railway network system in Taiwan is developed especially in the western region which has a dense population. The railway network was developed during the Qing Dynasty.
The long distance railways were established to connect the major cities and the urban regions of Taiwan. The passenger trains are looked after by the Taiwan Railway Administration. Taiwan High Speed Rails are another important transport and is based on the technology of Shinkansen.
Along with the urbanization of Taiwan, the development of rapid transit system also occurred. Some of these transit systems are Taipei Rapid Transit system, the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System and others.
Air Transport – There are two important airports in Taiwan, the Kaohsiung Airport and the one located in Taipei. There are nine heliports in Taiwan and all of them provide a good service to the nation.
Ports and Harbors – There are certain important ports and harbors in Taiwan like the Hualien Port, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Keelung, Budai and some others. 235 ships are available in these ports among which 38 are passenger ships.

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