Talavera de la Reina

Ancient city in central Spain, 110 km from Madrid. It has got celtic ruins and it was very important since the Roman Empire when the city was called Caesarobriga. The Roman celebrates an important parade all springs that still exists called Mondas, where all the city and the villages of the surroundings come to the Virgin Mary of the Prado Basilic to make their gifts. The city is surrounded by three walls, one roman, other from the Muslim period and the biggest and better kept is the Christian one.

Very interesant the Pan Square in which you can find the town hall, the Saint Mary the Major cathedral, the Misericordy Hospital and the Victoria Theatre.

Other monuments are the Santiago church, the roman bridge and the bullfighting arena.

Is interesting to walk on the Prado Park and Alameda Park, besides the River Tajo sidewalk.
The gastronomy is very important with dishes made with local products like Carillas with chorizo (little white beans with pork), Pigeon, Deer, veal meat with peppers or Mazapan.
Talavera is well known because of its traditional pottery industries, dont forget to visit the Ruiz de Luna Museum where you will stare one of the most beautiful ceramics of the word. The night bars, discos, restaurants and tipical tapas will help you to end a nice visit to this city.

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