Ta-li is one of the important Tourist Destinations in Taiwan and emerged as a center of leisure and business travel. The travelers who decide to embark on Ta-li Tours will definitely find it quite interesting indeed.

Ta-Li will suggest the idea that it is one of the scenic places to be found in the country of Taiwan. The rugged terrains, meandering rivers and the streams of Ta-Li make it a very beautiful place to visit.


There are a number of tourist attractions which you can find in the city which makes it a perfect place to spend a leisure holiday. The Shekatang Clearwater stream is situated amidst the mountainous terrains of Ta-li. The Taroko Gorge National Park Center is also one of the leading tourist attractions of the place and comprises of exotic bird and animal life.

Being a place which consists of meandering rivers and the mountains in the backdrop the travelers can engage in mountain hiking and river rafting.


The pleasant climate of Ta-li suites the travelers and they can experience a tropical marine climatic influence over there. Thus the travelers can visit the place all the year round. There are a number of accommodation facilities which awaits the travelers who want to come over here. A considerable number of budget and luxury hotels provide the travelers with a very comfortable experience.

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