Talkeetna is about three hours north of Anchorage, by rail on the Alaska Railroad. It’s to the south east of Denali National Park, a well known place to visit in Alaska. Talkeetna is the staging point for climbers who are tackling Mt McKinley/Mt Denali, and it’s rumored that it was the inspiration for the television series, Northern Exposure. It’s a small town, one paved road (Talkeetna Spur Road, the road in to Talkeetna from the highway), but with lots and lots of character. It’s at the end of the road too, so you won’t pass through Talkeetna on the way to somewhere else; you need to make the effort to go – do it, it’s worth it.

Day trippers descend on the town during the day, so it’s pretty busy. There is the famous Nagle’s Store, where you can get just about any food item, and more. Grab an ice-cream and sit outside and people-watch for a while. Nagle’s is across the road from the historic Fairview Inn, where Talkeetna’s first bath tub was located. At the end of the main street, there’s a short walk to the edge of the Talkeetna River, where you can sit on the trunk of a huge fallen tree and watch the grey, glacial waters flow by and gaze at Mt Kinley.. If you are lucky, you’ll have some peaceful moments here by yourself to appreciate this place.

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