Tanjung Biru Beach

Blue Lagoon is a very secluded and tranquil cove at the foothill of Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan). It offers a breathtaking view of the thickly wooded cape and the blue open sea. The area is home to many birds, including hawks and eagles, which can occasionally be seen hovering in the air. Most of all, the tranquility of the place has a soothing effect on visitors, inviting them to just relax and unwind. Here they can do nothing and just dream away.

This lagoon is an ideal spot for swimming, boating, wind surfing or just lazing on the beach.

Key Tips
Bring a picnic for this quiet beach.

How to get there
By Bus
You can take a bus at Terminal One, Seremban to Port Dickson town and then take another local bus where the driver will drop you off wherever you like along the beach. Taxi service is also available from the town centre.

Accommodation Overview
There are several chalets on this beach and upscale hotels in nearby Port Dickson.