Tan-shui is one of the major cities of North Taiwan. It is situated in the last quarter of the North Coast Highway. The city is surrounded by the Tan-shui River in the south. To the east of the Tan-shui lies the impressive Mount Taton.

The city layout of streets in the city is unique and interesting as well. Almost all the streets run parallel to the river. This feature of the city is somewhat similar to that found in Venice.


There are quite a few famous temples in this city. These include the Lungshan Temple, the Herzhong Temple, Tamchian Church and the Xingchung Temple. The ancient relics of Mackay’s Grave and Octagonal Tower are also often visited spots of Tan-shui.

Tan-shui is full of remnants of its colonial past. Forts built by the Dutch, Spanish and the British still seem to talk about its state under foreign dominance. San Domingo, a Spanish fort is a major draw with the tourists. A famous British fort that has now been converted into a museum also attracts a number of tourists. Apart from the relics of the past Tan-shui offers tourists a beautiful landscape. The vast unspoilt coast line and distant hills lend the city a unique charm of its own. The Mangrove or Hungshulin Conservation Area, Cape Shihhu, and Chunglun Jetty are some of the places from where one can have good views in the city.

Tan-shui boasts of the first golf course in Taiwan. Built by the Japanese, it is popularly known as The Taiwan Golf and Country Club. Tan-shui has a number of restaurants and seafood stalls as well. They offer authentic coastal cuisines. Apart from this, one can also avail local and international cuisine in this city.

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