Tatra National Park in Poland

Poland the Tatra National Park, Poland is spread over a large area of 211.64 square kilometers in the southern part of the country. The land area of the Tatra National Park, Poland was much larger in the year 1954 when the park first opened its doors for the public. A major portion of the Tatra National Park almost 151.91 square kilometers is covered with forests. Rest of the park is mainly meadows of which almost 115.14 square kilometers are known as protected area. In this protected reserve one can find a number of ecosystems and diverse varieties of flora and fauna.

The initiation of the Tatra National Park began in the 19th century, but it was only in 1925 the project for the Tatra National Park was officially sanctioned with the help of Slovakia. The inauguration of the park took place in 1937 and after the World War II a separate unit was named as the Tatra Park. It was with the effort of the Polish government that the Tatra National Park was officially created in the year 1954. Today the park is not only famous among all the national parks in Poland but is also listed under the UNESCO biosphere preserves.

It is the topographical diversity of the Tatra National Park in Poland that has contributed for its popularity among the wildlife conservationists and nature lovers. You will find the Alpine range bordering the fringes of the park. Rysy which is known as the highest peak of Poland is part of the park. You will also find a number of important ranges like the Polish Tatra Range. The land area is full of peaks and hollows which are mainly created by rock erosions and corrosions.

Among the 650 caves the most important is Wielka Sniezna which stretches for 18 kilometers. Some of the caves are opened for public viewing.

Several mountain lakes which are popularly known as staws in Polish are scattered in the park. Morskie Oko is one of the important lakes in the park and some of the important waterfalls in this area are Wielka Siklawa. Fir and the beech are most commonly seen in Tatra National Park, Poland along with spruce forests which have the tendency to convert into grasslands at higher altitudes. The Tatra National park, Poland is home to some of the beautiful species like Tatra chamois, brown bear, Eurasian lynx, otters, eagles and falcons. This is also inhabited by the Polish highlanders who are nomadic tribes and move from one place to another.