Taung Byone Festival Nat Pwe

Taung Byone Festival-Nat Pwe

Mount Popa is a vast volcanic mountain that overwhelms the flat landscape. It is only about one hour drive from Bagan. Popa is located near Bagan and it has many legendary stories about the spirits (Nats) of today. This annual festival is known as Taung Byone festival, it is usually held during the month of August.

The Nats are believed to be super natural powerful beings, stated between the gods and the spiritual beings.

The Myanmars still worship them vigorously, and believe that the Nats can bring luck and prosperity to the worshippers and can also bring danger to those who do not respect them. The word Nat is unclear. It may be derive from the Hindu Natha which means lord, savior or protector:

This festival includes the following matters.
1. Preparation for the Ritual
2. The Offerings
3. The Orchestra
4. The Possession

The Nat Pwe is usually held for three days. The first day is for the Summoning the Nats. The second day is the Nats’ feast. The third is the day for the Nats’ departure.

Devotees from all over Myanmar, comes to this special festival and offer their donations and enjoy themselves with the blessings of the spirits, every year. They pray for prosperity, fame, and luck for the next coming year.

So, if you can have a visit to Myanmar, to learn about new cultures and to have extraordinary experience, we recommend that you should visit this special festival of Mount Popa.

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