Taxco is a beautiful city built on a hill. The climate is very pleasant and the views of the city and the surrounding area are amazingIt is rich with old and new silver mines, it has narrow streets and hundreds of silver shops at the middle of the city there is a basicillica that it absolutely beautiful dating back to the 1700’s. It is off the toll way but it is absolutely beautiful and worth the drive, it is between Aculpolco and Mexico City. If you are looking for a side trip that is the place to go.


Taxco is probably most famous for its silver industry. The city is bursting with jewelry stores and markets where you can buy some of the most fabulous silver jewelry for some of the cheapest prices in the world. When you want to make a purchase, the merchants simply pile all of your jewelry onto a scale and charge you by the weight. Everything is the same price, regardless of whether it is the most intricately crafted piece or a silver paper weight! If you have bought silver jewelry in your own country, it very well could have come from Taxco. Many jewelry businesses all over the world import silver from Taxco.


Sights in Taxco include the Church of Santa Prisca, the House of Culture, and the Museum of Viceregal Art. But perhaps the most important reason for visiting Taxco is for its silver.

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