Tea Festival in Assam

Organized by the government of Assam State Tourism Department, the focus of this Tea Festival is mainly on experiencing the tea culture of Assam. It is all about tea, music and merriment, and also includes the famous ‘Jhumar’ dance of the tea community. This Tea Festival is a whole world of festivity with traditional hospitality along with jungle safaris, tea garden visits, golf, rafting opportunities in turbulent rivers, angling, shopping, an ethnic food festival and days of cultural extravaganza. Showcasing the life-style and work of a tea planter, there is an exhibition as well depicting the growth and development of the tea industry and relative research activities around this trade. A seminar is also organized on the sidelines at Tocklai, the oldest research center in the world, together with a tour of a mini automated tea factory.

Savoring the beauty and cultural diversity of this region, the Tea Festival is a harmonious blend of business and pleasure, and an opportunity to meet and interact with the warm hearted people of Assam. Organized at Jorhat Town, this venue of the Assam Tea Tourism Festival is at a distance of 350 kilometers from Guwahati. Day and night luxury buses are however available from Guwahati to Jorhat. Moreover Rowriah Airport at Jorhat is conveniently available for visitors desiring to take the air-route, or else the Mariani Railway Station at a distance of 20 kilometers is the nearest railhead. Elegant and comfortable garden bungalows are available by the authorities for international travelers, along with other normal accommodation options including tourist lodges, company guesthouses and private hotels.

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