Teej Festival of Nepal

The Teej is three day long festival of married women which is very popular and interesting festival of Nepal with essence of Nepalese Culture and Traditions. This festival falls in the month of August mainly or sometimes early in September. Dancing, folk songs, and the red color of women’s wedding sarees dominate the day of Teej, a Hindu festival of womanhood. The day recalls the heavenly occasion when Parbati, daughter of the Himalay, won the hand of Lord Shiva after severe meditation and fasting. On the first day, mothers send gifts of food and sarees to their daughters’ houses, and groups of women gather together to feast. At midnight, the women begin a fast in emulation of Parbati. The second day is for worship, in the early morning of the third day, women in red flock to the Pashupatinath temple, the great temple of Lord Shiva. The married ones ask for a happy and productive marriage and a long life for the their husbands, and those yet to tie the nuptial knot ask for an ideal husband.

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