The city of Tequila is located just an hour outside of Guadalajara and is the ancestral home of it’s eponymous spirit. Located in the fertile foothills of a volcano, the city is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of Blue Agave from which tequila is distilled.


Every bottle of tequila must be distilled in the area around Tequila, the state of Jalisco and a few other locations listed by the government of Mexico. For this reason, most Tequila distilleries are located here, including the original distilleries of Jose Cuervo, Sauza, Orendain, and other well known names. There is also the Tequila Museum that is open for a small fee.


Tequila is easily accessible by car, but if you think you won’t be in the mood to drive back, various tours are available from Guadalajara. There is a train tour called the Tequila Express which includes tequila tasting, food and mariachi music from Guadalajara and back. Note that contrary to popular belief, the Tequila Express does not call at Tequila, but Amatitan, which is Casa Herradura’s base. If you want to see Tequila, visit Cuervo World or Sauza, which are in that town.