Thabana Ntlenyana

Thabana-Ntlenyana, 3482m, is the highest peak in Southern Africa. The mountain is located in eastern Lesotho, only about 15 kilometers from top of the Sani pass.

We stayed overnight in Sani Top Chalet, the highest pub in Africa and a backpackers location, and did a two-day hike to the top of Thabana-Ntlenyana. Guides and horse treks to the mountains are also available from the pub.

The mountains are filled with amazing scenery and rural Basotho shepherds living in stone rondawels. In some places the shepherds asked us to avoid larger herds of sheep of cows.


Thabana-Ntlenyana: 2928’10 S, 2916’15 E

Sani Top Chalet: 2935’08 S, 2917’14 E.

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