Thai Nguyen

Capital city: Thai Nguyen Area (sq km): 3,769 Population: 1,061,700 Average temp: 25C Ethnic data: Viet/Kinh, Chay, Dao, Hoa, Hemong, Mong, Ngai, Nung, Tay, San Diu. Districts/wards: Dai Tu, Dinh Hoa, Dong Hy, Vo Nhai, Phu Binh, Phu Luong, Pho Yen, Song Cong.

Thai Nguyen is a northern moutainous province and is adjacent to the Capital of Ha Noi. Thanks to the favourable location, Thai Nguyen has become a socio- economic and cultural centre of North- Eastern region of Viet Nam.
This material will provide background of socio- economic situation as well as orientation for socio- economic development of our province so that the readers can get necessary information to find out investment and business opportunities in the province.
Thai Nguyen province is ready to co- operate , creat favourable conditions and prefential treament within the framework of the Law of Viet Nam for the purpose of successful implementation of investment projects by both domestic and foreign investors in the province.
Description: Thai Nguyen Province is located in ViBac, the northeastern part of the country. It is bordered by Bac Can to the north, Vinh Phuc to the south, Bac Giang and Lang Son to the east with Tuyen Quang and Vinh Phuc to the west.
Thai Nguyen is hilly and thickly forested.
Economy: Agriculture, forestry.
Natural beauty sights: Nui Coc Lake (1), Phuong Hoang Cave.
Historic sights: Hang Pagoda. Resistance war relics in Dinh Hoa, Dai Tu, and Vo Nhai.
Museums: Museum of the Cultures of Vietams Ethnic Cultures (2).
Festivals: Duom Temple Festival, Hich Festival.
Transport – Rail The Ha Noi to Quan Trieu train leaves daily and stops in Thai Nguyen.
Transport – Road Nguyen is 120 kilometres north of Ha Noi and connected by a good highway. Buses and minibuses to Thai Nguyen depart from Ha Nois Gia Lam Station.

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