Thailand Grand Invitation 2006

February 16 saw the Royal Thai Government officially launch “Thailand Grand Invitation 2006” at the Santi Maitri Building and Courtyard at Government House in Bangkok with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra presiding over events.

2006 is a year of regal significance. It is the 60th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s accession to the throne of Thailand , making him not only the nation’s longest reigning monarch, but also the world’s longest reigning monarch. The Thai people will rejoice the auspicious nature of this anniversary and they are inviting the world to help them celebrate – Thailand Grand Invitation 2006 is an invitation to the peoples of all nations to visit Thailand and join in the country’s nationwide celebration in honour of His Majesty the King.

A yearlong programme of events has been scheduled to take place throughout 2006 that according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) promises to attract 13.8 million visitors to Thailand and generate a tourism income of around 480,000 million Baht. The programme has been divided into a series of events given titles such as ‘Grand Destinations’, ‘Grand Events’, ‘Grand Festivals’ and ‘Grand Services’ and will climax in June when the most important events (including a Royal Barge procession on Monday 12th June 2006) take place.

Thailand is renowned for celebrations and lavish spectacles and given the added importance of 2006, expect the biggest, the brightest and the best! If you are undecided about where to take your holidays in 2006, let “Thailand Grand Invitation 2006” persuade you.

Events from February 2006

Bangkok International Film Festival (Bangkok) 17-27 February 2006

Music and Dance Festival (Pattaya Beach) 17-19 March 2006
International Kites Festival (Hua Hin) 11-15 March 2006

Songkran Festival (Nationwide) 13-15 April 2006

Royal Ploughing Ceremony (Bangkok) 11 May 2006

Celebrations for the Sixtieth Anniversary of His Majesty The King’s Accession to the Throne (Nationwide) 9 June 2006
Dress rehearsals for the Grand Royal Barge Procession (Bangkok) 6, 9 June 2005
Royal Barge Procession (Bangkok) 12 June 2006
Suvarnabhumi Airport Grand Opening (Bangkok)

The Grand Candle Festival and International Candle Carving Competition (Bangkok / Ubon Ratchathani) 5-11 July 2006

The Grand Celebration of His Majesty the Queen’s Birthday (Nationwide) 12 August 2006

International Boat Races (Sri Ayutthaya) 9-10 September 2006

Royal Barge Procession and Robe Offering (Bangkok)

Andrea Bocelli the Royal Concert at the World Heritage Site (Sri Ayutthaya)
Loi Krathong Festival (Nationwide) 5 November 2006
Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 (Chiang Mai)
1-12 November 2006

The Grand Celebration of H.M. the King’s Birthday (Nationwide) 5 December 2006
Jazz Festival (Bangkok) 19-20 December 2006
New Year’s Countdown (Bangkok and Nationwide) 31 December 2006–1 January 2007