The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

The ‘Straits Chinese’, also called the Baba and Nyonya, are Chinese of noble descent who have adopted much of the Malay culture into theirs. This has been a gradual process lasting over 400 years since the great Chinese explorer Admiral Cheng Ho first brought Chinese settlers to Melaka. Over the centuries, the Baba Nyonya have developed a distinct and highly interesting culture that is unique to Malaysia’s west coast, particularly Melaka.

The public can now view the historical artefacts unique to this heritage at a captivating private museum run by the Babas and Nyonyas of Melaka. Within the walls of this heritage building, you can learn everything there is to know about this unique culture.

The Heritage Museum offers guided tours (by appointment), research facilities and audio visuals. Well worth a visit!

Key Tips
The Chinese tradition of female foot-binding was common among the Baba Nyonya. Have a look at the beaded and intricately crafted miniature shoes exhibited next to black and white photos of early Melaka. The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is closed on Sundays.

How to get there
By Foot or Taxi
The museum is on Heeren Street, parallel to Jonker Street.

Accommodation Overview
Melaka has a wide range of accommodation available, from basic backpacker’s hostels to 5-star hotels.


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