The Best Beaches in Australia

If you want to relax on the best beaches in Australia, with panoramic views of dolphins and beautiful cliff faces, then forget Queensland and forget the famous Bondi Beach. The best beaches in Australia commence only a 3 hour drive south of Sydney in a small peaceful town called Durras and extend down south along the coastline to sunny Broulee.

Besides soft white beaches, Durras offers you beautiful bushwalking trails through luscious rainforests filled with fernery and a variety of towering gum trees. Durras Lake is an estuary protected by winds with plenty of places to camp while you enjoy the sunshine on the water. Durras Lake is a popular area for people who enjoy swimming and canoing. It is an excellent area to go prawning and salt water fishing. The beach is long and white with good waves for people who enjoy surfing.

Moving a few kilometers south of Durras is Long Beach. Long Beach is popular for the Jet Ski enthusiasts and a nice place to swim with calm waters.

Over the bridge is the township of Batemans Bay. Batemans Bay is a tourist resort situated approximately 160 kms from Australia’s Capital City, Canberra. The waters of the bay extend inland to form the beautiful Clyde River. This can be explored by ferry. Batemans Bay offers plenty of recreational activities such as fishing, jet skiing, boating or shopping. It is a divine place to stay with restaurants on the waterfront, where pelicans and seagulls flock to the shores.

Heading south along the coastline is the popular beach, Surf Beach. Surf Beach offers cliffs and rockeries for children to explore plus waves large enough to go body boarding, yet gentle enough for children to swim in. Surf Beach is a good place to view visiting dolphins.

At Mossy Point and Tomakin you can enjoy fishing and swimming to your hearts content. Prawns, Flathead, Whiting, Tailors and Brim are a few examples of what you can enjoy for dinner. Fishermen can opt to stay directly on the coastline, either on the beaches or the rocks beneath the large cliff faces, or they can explore the Tomakin River inland and still catch their salt-water favourites.

After a good morning swim with a good dose of sun it is pleasant to travel to the small town of Mogo, approximately 10 kms from the coastline. Mogo offers a lovely relaxed atmosphere with small shops presenting delightful pieces of arts and crafts or a delicious meal for lunch. You can choose to pay a visit to Mogo Zoo, or you can plan a day in Old Mogo Town, the pioneer village. Here you can pan for gold and lean how the settlers of Australia once lived.

Back at the coastline are the sunny beaches of Broulee. Broulee gives you a choice of two beaches, divided by Broulee Island. The island is connected to the main land and provides a pleasant trail to walk upon. The larger beach at Broulee offers a long stretch of shallow water where you can soak up the sun as your children go swimming. The other beach in Broulee is an excellent place to try snorkeling or scuba diving. It is a small cove, which has deeper water for the swimming enthusiasts.

To experience these sensational beaches you have to sacrifice 3 hours of driving time from the city of Sydney. With beaches that offer luxurious waters and a large variety of fishing locations, it is surely worth the sacrifice.

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