The Central Highlands

The Central Highlands
Telephone code : (84.50) Area : 45,946 km2 Population : 2,460,600
The Central Highlands cover the southern part of the Truong Son Mountain Range. The region, which is home to many ethno-linguistic minority groups: Gia Lai, EDe, Ba Na, Xe Dang, Ra Glai, M’nong is renowned for it cool climate, beautiful mountain scenery and innumerable streams, lakes and waterfalls.

BUON DON (Dac Lac Pro) Buon Don is well known as the native land of elephant hunters and trainers throughout Southeast Asia. Visitors to Buon Don will still have a chance to ride the Elephants.

D’RAYSAP WATERFALL (Dac Lac pro) D’raysap Waterfall means the fall of mist in E De language. The powerful flow of water falling creates foam and mist as it touches the water below. The echo of the falling water can be heard from a long distance all year round.

BA NA VILLAGE (Kon Tum Pro) You will see the beautiful wooden stilt houses here, the staircase leading to a house is made of a tree trunk, each of the step is meticulously chiseled, reflecting the carving skills of Ba Na men. Ba Na ethnic group are famous nationally for their hunting skills. Ba Na People always keep a fire going in the middle of their house; family members and friends sit around the fire to have drink, eat and talk.

LAC LAKE (Dac Lac) On the lakeside is a magnificent palace owned by Emperor Bao Dai. Standing on the balcony of the second floor, you will get a panoramic view of the valley and the lake below. The remains the Royal Boat that was boarded for short cruises by the owner of the palace whenever Bao Dai stayed in the palace.

RONG HOUSE The Rong House is an activity centre, adjacent to a wooden church built on stilts. The Rong House is the scene of important local events like meeting, weddings, festivals, prayer sessions and so on.

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