The Climate of Mexico

The Climate of Mexico is supposed to be pleasant throughout the year. The climate can be be classified into two major seasons. These two seasons are namely dry season and rainy season. The dry season is the best time to tour the country as it is warm rather than hot. You can go out and enjoy sightseeing trips across the country. The summer season is predominant during the months of late November extending to early June. The other season is the rainy season which begins from June and continues till November.
A distinctive feature that can be noticed about the Mexican Climate is that the mornings and nights are fresh, while the afternoons are the time when you will witness comparatively higher temperatures. But in a more generalized way, we can say that the climate is generally warm, dry and mild. Average temperature that is observed in this region particularly during the months of December to March is 20 degrees centigrade. In the months of summer the temperature increases to 31 degree centigrade.
In the northern territories of Mexico, you will receive a far severe weather. In the region of vast stretches of Occidental and Oriental Sierra Madre Ridge, you will receive the climatic condition which is too much arid and hot. Especially during the months of summer, the mercury raises high which goes up to about 38 degrees. This temperature is said to be moderate as mentioned by the people who are working in the weather forecasting department. The winters are cold particularly during the nights when the temperature drops to below zero.
As you move to the coastal regions, you are going to witness that the Climatic conditions in this region of Mexico is comparatively pleasant. This is the reason, the beach front areas are considered to be the best tourist spots as per the Mexican Tourism. In the coastal area, gentle sea breeze is going to refresh you with new air of freshness. Conclusively, majority of the holidaymakers choose the beach front area of Mexico, particularly during the summer season.

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