Late Steve Irwin’s family expected in Kigali at the mountain gorilla naming ceremony this June.

Late Steve Irwin, a crocodile hunter wasa famous wildlife activist a former director Australia Zoo in Qeensland. He died in 2006 after being stung by a stingray during one of his shootings.

His family, wife and two children, has been invited by Rosette Rugambwa the Director General of Rwanda Tourism Office known as the ORTPN to be among the guest of the mountain gorilla naming ceremony to take place at Volcanoes National Park.

Other outstanding personalities who support the conservation of mountain gorillas have been invite to attend this event though the list is not yet out to the public.

Rugambwa also noted that Rwanda is a home to the biggest number of the remaining 700 gorillas in the world. These gorillas are shared with Uganda and Congo since they keep migrating among the three countries.

The ceremony will start in the morning, having the gorillas named by specific people and followed by the adoption of gorillas.

“The adoption is in four categories and those available are Bronze for $5,000 or more, Silver for $15,000, Gold Category for $25,000 and the Platinum Category for investment of $50,000 or more, said Rosette Rugambwa.

Many companies,according to ORTPN, are already using gorillas in their names, logos or advertisement campaigns, acknowledging the contribution of gorillas to their marketing strategies.

“Adoption of a mountain gorilla allows such companies to fulfill the moral obligation of ensuring the long-term survival of mountain gorillas, ” a statement on the ORTPN’s portal says.

Gorilla safaris and tourism have developed over the past years and contribute the largest portion to Rwanda tourism industry.