The flower market at night

Originally known as Ho Thi Ky flower market, this market has existed since 1987 and was then the biggest wholesale bazaar in the city. Every night, flowers, vegetables and fruits were brought here from Dalat, the Southwestern and Central regions to be distributed to many other markets in the city the following morning. Since 1996, however, only flowers have been sold here.

Despite the slightly cold and breezy weather of Saigon, visitors will feel warmed by the colorful flowers twinkling under the light bulbs. One feels like being lost in a dream when walking in the aromatic fragrance of orchids from Dalat, chrysanthemums from the western region, lilies from the Central regions, roses from Hanoi and many other beautiful flower varieties. Most sellers and buyers have become friends over the years. So deals are done quietly, making this market quieter than others.

Along with the aroma of flowers come the smells of dumplings steaming and sugar cane juice being sold by giggly girls. Visiting Ho Thi Ky Market gives one a wonderful feeling due to the beauty of flowers and the friendly people there.

(Vietnam Pictorial)

Courtesy: Ba Tours

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